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Love On The Line

Can love thrive under tough conditions?


Strong, loyal, committed, determined, physically fit…Characteristics of a perfect partner, right….

But also…the description of military personnel.

In outdoor reality dating format Love on The Line servicemen and women on the front lines get the chance to put their hearts first and find love. Based at Camp Love, 5 military singles will spend 3 weeks with potential partners. Can the skills, learnings and structure of the military life help our singles find compatibility with the lifestyle and love?

A relationship with soldiers, marines and medics is a unique life as it demands a lot of the person who is left at home but it also requires a new style of matchmaking. It will be a complete shock to the system for our potential singles as we open their eyes to what it means to be a military spouse as we put them through their military training to test for compatibility in unusual places.


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