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Pros Vs. Joes

The biggest upset in sports is happening right now!

The athletes that have won every award, championship and medal will go head to head with the athletes and sports enthusiasts who never went professional, who play for the love of the game without glory.

A competition where more is at stake than the final score.

20 average Joes will join a training camp under the guidance of a famous coach.

They will have the chance to improve their skills, try new sports and get in peak fitness. They will need to earn their space in the competition, competing for only 3 spots each week.

Only the Joes who put up the biggest challenge to the Pros will progress through to the semi-finals, every game counts. There are second chances and underdog stories…and flops.

It is every Joe for themselves, until one is crowned winner.

USA/’60/5 seasons 2006-2010 

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